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Festiva Hospitality Customer Care Center

Solve My ProblemFestiva Hospitality Group takes our guests' complaints and unresolved issues about our resorts and our company very seriously. We have set up Festiva Reviews website to specifically address any consumer comments and complaints that may arise with our owners or guests at our resorts. FestivaReviews.com provides our consumers, guests and owners that vacation to our resorts with an extensive Customer Complaints Resolution Center. Festiva constantly strives to provide the utmost in service to our members and guests!

Our Customer Care Center is here to provide our guests and owners with the most up-to-date info on Frequently Asked Question (FAQ), Special Assessments, Maintenance fees, questions about making reservations, and much more travel details.

If you have any rant, raves, comments, complaints, reviews, or what ever you have for Festiva travel services. Please contact our memberservices@festiva.travel or click on the "Solve My Problem" or "Submit Testimonial". Our goal at Festiva is to provide a more enjoyable vacation experience for both potential customers and current owners with Festiva Resorts, Festiva Adventure Club, Peppertree Vacation and Travel Club members, and many other travel services we offer. Festiva is here to provide a better experience for every consumer.


Guests and Owners Customer Service points of interest

  • Frequently Asked Questions, Our Owner Services department has gathered information based on some of their most popular questions and issues when speaking with owners and members. If you don't find the info that your looking for, please feel free to give us a call at 866-933-7848 or email us at memberservices@festiva.travel. To view the FAQ information page, please click here.

  • The Festiva Hospitality Group Charitable Fund is a flexible endowment fund that began in 2006 as a way for Festiva Hospitality Group to contribute to any cause that benefits the local communities where employees live and work and to contribute to disaster relief for events of great global impact. The focus is to promote education among youth and eliminate poverty in local communities. To view more in depth list of Festiva Hospitality Group and Resorts charities, please click here.


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