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Festiva Resorts and Travel Club Services.

  • Fesiva Adventure Club Festiva Adventure Club (FAC) was launched in the summer of 2006. It is a points-based vacation membership system that gives members increased flexibility in many aspects when making their vacation plans.

    Based on the number of points they have purchased, Adventure Club members can:

    • Make reservations at any of our 27 resorts
    • Stay in any size unit available
    • Vacation any time of year available
    • Take advantage of various stay lengths (3 and 4 night stays or 7 night stay)
    • Take multiple weeks of vacation
    • Accelerate points from future usage years
    • Defer unused points to the following year (by December 15 of current year)
    • Exchange a week long stay with any one of the thousands of Interval International affiliated resorts

    To view more details on Festiva Adventure Club and information about Festiva resorts, please click here

  • Make a Reservation at Festiva, we offer both Online Reservations and a Member Services Call Center. Festiva is always looking to make your experience easier and more efficient. There are three ways to make a reservation with Festiva Hospitality Group and Resorts, contact us at 866-933-7848, email to memberservices@festiva.travel, or visit GoFestiva.com for vacation packages and deals. For more information on Making Reservations with Festiva, please click here.

  • New Festiva Adventure Club (FAC) Member Information, We realize that many of our new members may have unanswered questions about their membership and how they can make the most out of their vacations through the Festiva Adventure Club. We do acknowledge that the Adventure Club is a somewhat complicated program, and our experienced Member Services staff typically sees a great increase in the satisfaction of members after just one year of using the program. If you question on your new Festiva Adventure Club vacation membership, please contact us at 866-933-7848, email to memberservices@festiva.travel. Check out more information for New FAC Members, please click here.
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